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Since its inception in 2012, Astute Art Restoration & Conservation has been providing professional art restoration and conservation services for artworks done in the Western (oil painting, acrylic painting, water colour, limited edition prints, digital prints, etc) and Chinese traditions to galleries and private collectors alike. Our clients have brought us works from renowned Singapore artists such as Cheong Soo Pieng, Liu Kang, Chen Wen Hsi, Tay Bak Koi, Gog Sing Hooi and many more.


All the works that pass through our hands are cared for in strictest adherence to the professional guidelines of Astute. We only use the foremost premium materials and time-tested techniques in our practice.


Our Services

  • Restoration and conservation on all mediums of art.


  • Damaged, torn, flaking on oil/acrylic paintings, mixed media, etc.


  • Foxing (yellow spots) and mould on paper art, watercolour art, chinese art, limited and digital prints, photographs, chinese paintings, etc.


  • Mounting and remounting of Chinese art on scroll and silk.

  • Conservation framing for art pieces.


       *Consultations are complimentary

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