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April’s approaches in her artistic practice are a reflection of her attitude to life – simplicity. Her works are inspired by nature; nature distilled to its simplest forms and shapes, re-imagined as abstract landscapes that exuberates an atmosphere of calmness and meditative silence.

Choo Keng Kwang (b. 3 June 1931, Singapore) is a first-generation Singaporean artist well-known for his oil paintings of landscape, animals and nature.  His artworks have been commissioned by royalty, dignitaries and governments. For instance, the Singapore government commissioned his paintings as state gifts to foreign dignitaries.

Danya specialized in Western Painting and large format façade art. She was the lead artist for LTA art project of Holland Village MRT Station in 2014 and was awarded 6 public art projects commissioned by Passion Arts and other government institutions in 2015. Danya has participated in numerous group exhibitions at Fresh Art Festival (2013-2014), Gallery ION (2014-2015), Affordable Art Fair (2011-2017) and will be holding her debut solo exhibition with Astute Art in October 2017.

Ho Seok Kee (何淑芝), a mixed media artist, was born in 1963 in Singapore. Kee works predominantly with the Chinese ink medium but also produces works using other media like acrylic, oil or western watercolour and mixed media for soft sculptures and installation creations. Her Chinese ink works comprises of both the traditional and contemporary styles. Kee uses Chinese ink medium with the fusion of the eastern and western techniques to produce contemporary works, which are refreshing.

Koh Liang Jiang is a multi-disciplinary artist and digital illustrator. Trained in fine arts, he is most proficient in ink drawings and acrylic paintings. Despite heavy emphasis on realistic details, his present focus resides in the realm of fantasy, albeit with varying connections to real life.

Zhu Hong (b.1969) came to Singapore in 1997. He graduated with a degree in Architecture and practiced as an architect and interior designer before becoming a full-time artist. His knowledge and passion for architecture is evident in his watercolours of cosmopolitan life. Zhu Hong captures the spirit of buildings, of the city and suburbs, with energetic calligraphic brushstrokes. He also utilizes dynamic lines and angles that playfully distort architectural elements, which along with vibrant colours reflect the lively atmosphere of Singapore.  

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